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Come show with DEC

We are a community and family oriented show barn.  Durham Equestrian Club  travels with advanced students to locations in surrounding states including shows recognized by the NCHJA.  We attend up to 4 larger A shows a year as well as local NCHJA recognized A and C shows monthly.    We cater to working parents and arrange everything to help students achieve their goals in a low-pressure supportive environment.  

Show Schedule

  • March 8-10 Triangle Farms 

  • April 19-21 Triangle Farms 

  • June 5-9 Tryon Riding and Hunt Club Charity Horse Show AA

  • Jul 19-21 Triangle Farms

  • August 23-25 Triangle Farms 

  • September 5-8 Harmon Classic Charity 'Show' - Tryon

  • September 27-29 Triangle Farms Fall Fling Indoors

  • October 25-27 NCHJA Haunted Classic C 

  • November 6-10 Duke Jump for the Children AA

  • November 13-17 Duke Jump for the Children AA

  • December 6-8 Harmon Classics C at TIEC

  • Dec 28th Triangle Farms Holiday A show


More Dates to Come!

Why Show with us?

  • Healthy competition

    Horse showing is a good sport for kids because it teaches healthy competition.

  • New goals

    Having goals to work towards in their lessons gives  incentive to improve and rewards hard work.

  • Camaraderie

    Shows provide camaraderie having all your clients there supporting each other.

  • Confidence-building

    Shows are a fun, confidence-building experience.

  • Exposure to new environments

    Sshowing allows a horse to be exposed to life outside the barn, which prepares him for new environments and accustoms him to different sights and sounds. 

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