March 7, 2022
We are currently on a waitlist for all new clients. Please email us at durhamequestrianclub@gmail.com to be added to our waitlist. We expect to be able to add another wave of new students in late Spring 2022. We may be accepting advanced clients interested in joining our show team and/or leasing on a very limited basis. Please email to inquire!



  • Flat Board

    Every month
    Limited availability
    • Monthly Boarding
  • Locker Rental

    Every month
    Monthly locker rental (recurring subscription
    • Use of one locker at Durham Equestrian Club
  • Laundry Service

    Every month
    Weekly laundry service for horse items
    • items returned in 2 days
    • saddle pads, towels, wraps, sheets
  • Weekly Tuition

    Every month
    1 lesson a week plan (4 or 5 lessons a month)
    • 1 Weekly Lesson
  • Bi-weekly Tuition

    Every month
    2 lessons per week plan (up to 10)
    • 2 lessons a week
  • Half Lease (A)

    Every month
    2 Lesson 1 Hack Plan
    • 2 Weekly Lessons
    • 1 Weekly Hack
  • Half Lease (B)

    Every month
    1 Lesson 2 Hack Plan
    Valid for 6 months
    • 1 Weekly Lesson
    • 2 Weekly Hacks
    • locker rental
    • laundry service
  • Third Lease

    Every month
    1 Lesson 1 Hack Plan
    • 1 weekly lesson
    • 1 weekly hack
    • Locker Rental
  • Training Ride Pack

    Package of 4 training rides for private owners
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • All 4 rides must be used within the month
    • Schedule sessions online, day and time not guaranteed
  • Full Board

    Every month
    • 3 lessons per week
  • Pessoa Lunging Pack

    Valid for one month
    • 4 Pessoa Lunging Sessions


  • Feeding 2x/day (special diet needs outside of barn feed options including supplements to be provided by owner)

  • Hay & fresh water

  • Turnout

  • Blanketing / Unblanketing

  • Optional monthly consultation meeting with trainer to discuss progress, goals, and concerns relating to both care and training/riding progression

  • "Sessions" can be lessons or training rides and must be set up accordingly at the beginning of the month.



  • Leasing guarantees your chosen horse each time to allow you to focus on strengthening your bond and practicing together both in lessons and during hacks to ensure a higher level of success at home and at shows.

  • Leases are offered for 2 or 3 rides per week. Ride days and times must be agreed upon with trainer at the beginning of the month. Days/times may be changed on a case-by-case basis, but no makeups will be granted with less than 24-hours notice. 

  • Rider must remain actively engaged in the lesson program.

  • Floating leases for extra ride time may also be offered. (No guarantee on horse.)



  • A-la-carte sessions (can only be added to pre-existing packages) $65


  • Boarding and/or tuition is due at the first of every month. A late fee of $10 will be charged for any payments made after the 5th.

  • Lessons are to be taken during the month of purchase. Less than 24hour notice or no-shows will not be granted a makeup lesson. Missed lessons will not rollover to the next month. Special accommodations will be made for extenuating circumstances like illness, planned vacations, and other scheduling conflicts on a case-by-case basis.

  • Inside horsemanship lessons with topics like nutrition, health, safety, and show grooming may be taught in cases of inclement weather unless it is so severe that lessons need to be cancelled. Trainers will notify riders via text in this case.

  • Lessons include 45minutes to 1 hour of the trainer’s time. For littles and beginners, this means a portion of the lesson will include learning to groom, tack, lead your horse to the ring, back from the ring, untack, proper cool down and cleaning/storage of supplies. More experienced riders will be expected to groom and tack their mounts and be ready to enter the ring at the time their lesson begins. All students will be expected to properly groom before and after riding as well as clean their tack before storing. 

  • Private lessons are 30 minutes and available on a limited basis per request or trainer suggestion.

  • Storage lockers can be rented monthly on a first-come-first-served basis for $5/month. The barn is not responsible for items left in the lockers. Any personal items left out will be put in lost and found and then donated to the lesson program after 1 month without being claimed.

  • Additional lessons can be added to packages at the a-la-carte rate or packages can be upgraded at any point during the month for more ride time.

  • Riders are expected to wear appropriate attire for lessons. Riding pants, riding boots (half chaps or tall boots if advanced enough to be cantering), tucked in shirt, shoulder-length or longer hair tied back, braided, or up in helmet, ASTM/SEI approved helmet. New riders may borrow barn-owned helmets, but are expected to purchase a personal helmet after a maximum of 2 months. 

  • Parents are required to monitor all students under 12yrs of age at all times, unless the rider is participating in the volunteer program, a camp or after school program, or permission from the trainer has been granted ahead of time.

  • All visitors must sign a release form to be on-site. Spectators are asked to stay in the parking lot, lounge, or front porch area only, not in the barn aisles due to safety. You may only walk up to the ring to watch lessons with a signed release form and proper footwear (close-toed shoes).